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Pretty boring

Nothing interesting. Horrible sound track.

Really good game!

Theres a lot of content and its very fun! Also the songs are great (I love Zomboy so as soon as I saw his name I downloaded the game). Super addictive game for dubstep lovers!

Great gameplay and awesome soundtrack!

This game is lots of fun and it has very inventive gameplay. Excellent soundtrack with noisia, zomboy, must die, etc. The only downside is it only comes with 3 songs then you have to buy the rest.

3 songs ?!?!

Come on guys atleast allow one free song to download of your choice for free because these junk songs arent fun to replay over and over again.

Needs more tuna!!

I like how the game is beat matched with tune playing, however as a bass head I need more music! It would be really cool if we could select our own songs from our music library on our phones. Something to consider!

Worst game ever..

No user friendly, hard to play, always lose..meh

stupid game...

No, for real!

Must have

Finally a good alternative to audiosurf for iphone


Its hypnotic for a short while but gets boring really fast. Tutorial is wayyyy too long and pointless.


This game is so addictive. I love everything about it i love the dubstep music. The dubstep makes the game more interesting and fun. The tutorial is perfect and cuz of it im pretty good at this game now. Over all pretty good job on everything this game can offer and i hope to see better. My second best game XD thanks to "Mad Fellows" for this awesome game!

Meh its alright

Its ok and the free songs are kinda cool. Only 3 free songs though and you have to pay for the rest. Small selection of songs.

everything looks alright, but...

...The music is absolutely terrible. Just annoying dub-step garbage while you pilot a ship around obstacles in a tunnel. Glad it was free though.


Hooray! Looks cool! Too bad all I see is yellow squares everywhere. Will rate properly when fixed.

Worst games ever

Cant even fly without coins no freedoms worst games ever

Its a decent game

The game is good in gameplay, but theres definitely some things they have to fix. The touch controls are messed up; sometimes when I swipe it doesnt even go in the direction I want it to, or it doesnt do ANYTHING. And Im already getting tired of the Ready-Set-Go thing


This game only has dub step and it gets very irritating why cant u put trap house mix or other types of music all u got is 3 songs the worst thing is u have to pay the rest if I were u I would look at the reviews first


i LOVE glitch hop so you can probably imagine how much Im loving this.

I really dont know what to say

Just one thing

I love the dubstep and arcade feel to the game. I only have but one complaint- to get more songs you have to pay real money. The game has in-game credits, yet you still have to use real money for more songs. That all I have to say

Not good

It not fun dont bother playing it

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